Alex cat says,"Here's our latest mews!"


  • Watch Mr.Frisky's new video Shelter Pet Spotlight video below featuring cats and dogs around the world needing homes, this week featuring cats from Ontario SPCA Canada and dogs from Los Cabos Humane Mexico. We feature new pets weekly and we NEVER charge shelters nor rescues to feature an animal in the video. If you are a rescue or shelter and have an animal you'd like featured in an upcoming video (every Wednesday), email

  • Mr.Frisky welcomes Redgate Farm Sanctuary in Leicester England to his worldwide Adopt Love Give list. We never charge to be added - they don't even have to Follow us to be added!

  • A Mr.Frisky Pet Parent Tip: You can buy over-the-door racks like this one (see picture below) for less than $20 to organize cat litter supplies, dog potty pads and tape to keep them from sliding, dog diapers, cleanup supplies like Lysol, rubbing alcohol spray bottle (1/2 of 70%RA + 1/2 water) small trash bags for litter pan "nuggets" and clumps (clumping litter will ruin your plumbing if you flush it and you'll have sewage back up into your house due to clogs).

  • Read Mr.Frisky's blog: Things May Not Work Out As You Planned (But They Can Work Out Anyway). 

  • Check out the chart below showing the air temperature inside your car, and pledge to NEVER EVER EVER leave your pet in the car in the summer temperatures unless the air conditioner is running. Shade is NOT enough in high temps!
  • We've made it easier to find a shelter or rescue anywhere in the world by making our Adopt Love Give Directory map based.Find an animal shelter worldwideMr.Frisky NEVER charges shelters or rescues to be added!

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  • Sign  Mr.Frisky's Petition on Asking Congress and the IRS to create tax deductions for pet parents for deducting the costs of veterinary care and medications for 4-legged dependents. This also encourages adoptions & fosters especially of elderly and special needs cats & dogs. 

  • ​​Mr.Frisky is buying a lot of Frontline Gold cause the fleas are horrible this year with all the rain and heat. Even our IndoorOnly cats need it because fleas hitch a ride inside on Milo dog and shoes. I find Frontline Gold works better than the Plus; it stays strong longer through the whole month and kills more fleas.