Recognizing and Reporting Cruelty

Call 911 if the situation is urgent (US & Canada; 999 in UK) or call 311
Email or Call 866-720-2676

Report (confidentially) DOG FIGHTING  operations/owners to 877-TIP-HSUS

And Yes, Neglect = Abuse - Constantly chained dogs who aren't free to exercise or get relief from heat and cold and potentially choke on their own chain, with-holding food and water or veterinary care, lack of shelter, leaving a dog in a hot car.

And then there is sadly direct violence which is unquestionably abuse - and against the law. 49 of the 50 states have laws prohibiting animal cruelty  (South Dakota is missing).This is where cell phone cameras come in very handy. Snap a pic or video with your phone for documentation. 

​​Don't be afraid to report. You can ask your information be kept confidential, and most cases don't require you to testify (you may talk to the DA, but you most likely won't have to appear in court). Also, most people that abuse animals are typical bullies in that when someone stands up to them, they are more afraid of you then you are of them (I speak from much experience in this situation).