Potty Training a Dog

Our video was filmed to address senior dog potty training, but the tips and techniques work from puppies to senior. The only difference is our video for seniors also discusses medical issues that are more senior related that can cause accidents, and how to remedy that.

The basic supplies you will need:

  • Potty pads - even for a small dog get the large size to avoid spillage or aiming issues. (potty pads also solve problems for older cats having accidents. See our cat issues page.

  • For seniors - a medical exam to see if dementia or UTIs are causing the accidents; there are great incontinence medications that are safe and work well.
  • A NON corn based food; corn is a diuretic!
  • A pet sitter if you're going to be gone more than 8 hours; even younger dogs can't necessarily hold it more than 8, and constant straining WILL cause bladder issues later in life.
  • An indoor dog gate or exercise pen (more in the video)
  • Patience!