24 Hour ASPCA Poison Control Hotline

(888) 426-4435

Common household items that can be deadly to your cat or dog include: Human Prescriptions for heart medications, antidepressants and pain medications. Pet parents dropped their  medication when preparing to take it, and before they knew it, Fido had gobbled the pill off the floor. 

  • Laundry pods


  • Over-the-Counter Human Medications such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen and herbal supplements are tasty to pets, and can be life threatening if ingested.


  • Insecticides used in the yard, home and on our animals were nearly 16% of all calls to the poison hotline. Always read the label before using any insecticide on your pet, in your home or in your yard. Fish fertilizer is particularly tasty to cats and is completely deadly to them. Even "green" insecticides and fertilizers can be deadly!

  • Fire logs

  • Cleaning products

  • People foods clocked in as the fifth most common pet poison. Human foods. Pets can get themselves into serious trouble by ingesting onions, garlic, grapes,raisins and the sugar substitute Xylitol, among other common food items

Pet Safety: Toxins