Keeping Dog and Cat Treats Fresh

Use Ziploc bags or your favorite Tupperware tos store dog and/or cat treat bags once they are opened. I find the built-in zips on those bags don't seal well so towards end of bag the treats are hard and/or stale and they don't want to eat them so the last part of the bag ends up going to waste. Especially for my Milo dog who only has 2 teeth; if it's hard he can't eat it. And I found chip clips don't seal the bag well enough. Using the Ziplocs they stay fresh - even the crumbs at the end of the bag!

DIY Cat Bench

I made this bench out of a single hardwood (oak) board (so it wouldn't sag in the middle) that I cut 48" in length, then cut 2 more pieces off the board of 10" each for the legs. I used wood boring screws (3 each, 1 at each end, 1 in center) drilled down from the bench top into the legs to secure them. I hand sanded off one or two rough spots from the cuts, and add non-skid self stick felt to the bottom of the  legs if you have wood or tile floors so it doesn't scratch. I didn't bother to paint or stain it because my cats like the soft blankets so it will always have that on the wood and I can throw them in the wash weekly. Underneath I put a pillow in case someone wants to hide out. It's a great afternoon sunny place for them to bird watch or nap. The whole process took less than 30 minutes. As you can see my Garth cat put it through a quality assurance check and was satisfied!

Pet Parent Money Saver Tips

Money Saving Tips for busy Pet Parents, especially those with sick 4 legged kids. This will be updated regularly so check back!

Cruelty Free Makeup Under $10

​ I can't afford high-end designer makeup with Veterinary bills for Milo dog's cancer treatments now over $6,000 and another $2,000 to $3,000 to go. So after many hours spent in the Walgreen's makeup aisles, and a few returns, I discovered this under $10, Cruelty Free foundation.

It's as good as the high-end product's coverage! I also use their Primer (they have a couple different kinds; I have very dry skin so I use the Dewy Lumineux. It is moisturizing and tacky so the foundation "sticks" to it very well. It covers my uneven skin tone areas and spots, lasts all day at work. It's buildable, and doesn't turn into creasey lines or flakey patches like so many foundations do by the end of the day. And it doesn't look or feel heavy.

At Home Hair Color Under $10

When life's giving you grey hair but a hair salon visit is out of question due to cost (in my case because I'm paying for my dog's cancer treatment, my go to is Walgreens's under $10 permanent full grey coverage hair color selections! 30 minutes, some are as cheap as $4.00, I find it lasts 7 weeks before my grey streak shows up again - or as I call it my "skunk stripe". 

I use a cheap paint brush from Big Lots (comes in a bag of 12, total cost of bag is $2 - I'll let you do the math. It works better than trying to use the squirt bottle you mix the color in. I use a plastic bowl from the $1 store to put the color in once it's mixed and brush from that. I get a much more even application that way. Don't forget to wear the gloves! When I'm done applying I immediately use a dab of my hand soap on a paper towel to remove any stains form my face, neck and ears. Takes the stain right off. Don't wait till you get in shower - then the stain will stay awhile!

Too broke to buy food?

​ I've been hit with more than $9,000 in Veterinary bills in a 2 month span (Milo dog's cancer battle, surgery, radiation and Alex's hyperthyroid diagnosis). To make matters worse, my animal hating Manager let me go due to my need to take half day ever Wednesday for Milo's radiation treatments, even though my work was done and I took the time without pay.

So I'm out of work, and big bills to pay. I need to ensure my pets continue to get their medication and food, and keep a roof over our  heads while I find work. The solution? My college days fallback: Peanut Butter and Lettuce sandwiches. I buy the all natural, low-sodium Jiff Peanut Butter (comes in Crunch or Creamy). It provides protein, good fat to fill you up, and the lettuce provides Vitamin B, Magnesium, Potassium, Iron, Vitamin C and fiber.  Plus it actually tastes really good!

Making Your Own Hummingbird Food for Pennies Instead of Dollars!

I love having birds around; it gives my indoor only cats their very own live show to watch! I'm fortunate to have hummingbirds, and found the premixed feeder is not only expensive, it goes bad fast and the birds don't like it all that well. I ended up pouring most of it down the drain.
After researching various recipes I came up with my own mixture. The birds love it, I never have to throw any out, and it costs pennies per batch!

Boil 1 cup water to a rolling boil.

Whip in 1/2 cup sugar

Stir until dissolved

Let cool, add 2-3 drops red food coloring

Store in tupperware in refrigerator and use to refill bird feeder.

Note: in extremely hot weather, it will go rancid if not used in a few days; rinse out and refill with fresh every few days. This also avoid ants.