Why Don't I Just Give Up?

The other evening I was looking for some good or at least interesting animal news to post before bedtime. To find one thing I could post as my evening update on Twitter, I had to scroll through 3 pages of Google links to animal cruelty, torture and death. 

Cruelty to animals, ranging from neglect, lack of love and shelter, to outright inhumane torture and killing has undoubtedly increased. When I was a child, I was told by now it would not exist. People are increasingly filled with hatred, and taking that out in the form of neglect, physical abuse, and violence against pets, homeless pets, farm animals and wildlife. And apparently they find it "fun and interesting" to film and go viral with it on social media. I'm not sure who is worse - the people filming and posting it or the people watching and liking it. 

Between that, and drowning in veterinary bills with little hope of getting enough money to expand my rescue efforts let alone pay the current bills for animals here in my sanctuary, I thought, "Why don't I just give up?" I can just stop now, take care of the animals I currently have, take down my Org, and stop trying to educate and convince ignorant, ethically void, hate fueled people that have zero interest in listening because that isn't a stepping stone to their internet or political fame. I can just give up, and accept that the world is actually worse, and will only continue to get worse. People have become less compassionate, that is without question - just look around. The current generation coming into adulthood sees animals as a vehicle to TikTok fame, not as sentient beings that need food, shelter, veterinary care and most of all, love, patience and kindess.

So why don't I just give up?

To tell you the truth, I'm not really sure why I just don't. There are certainly days I want to! I am no longer religious based on watching society devolve over the last fifteen to twenty years, however in my darkest moments I think about the book I read in my early twenties about Mother Teresa. She was asked why doesn't she just give up, when poverty, hunger and homelessness was so vast, and she could never possibly solve it in her lifetime? She simply replied that every day, she gets up and helps whomever is in front of her in whatever way she can. This woman never gave up despite in the early days a total lack of support from her organization. She never gave up despite snobby, wealthy, idiot businessmen on flights asking to be moved to a new seat because "she smelled." I would have paid extra to sit next to her just to get to talk to her once! 

So some days I really can't tell you why I don't just give up. It seems like there is really no point, as I do not have the money of a Musk-Gates-Cook-Buffet-Bezos (or access to via marriage/relationship) to create a foundation and hire a global staff to exponentially achieve what I achieve by myself on a dime.

But I won't give up - even though I can't tell you why I don't. I will keep doing whatever I can do for the animals within my sphere, and speaking and sharing on social media and my website, to anyone who wants to listen rather than hate. I will continue to look into into the faces and eyes of my rescues, pets, strays, ferals and wildlife and tell them I won't give up, at least not today. 

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