Shelter Stories: A Mr.Frisky Blog

Why I Worry

I worry about the strays I feed. 

I worry about my rescues.

I worry about the friendly ferals I'm trying to find a permanent home for.

I worry about lost animals, animals in this heat with no water and no shelter.

I worry about shelters around the world struggling, some with no water this week.

But most of all, I worry that it seems nothing changes. 

People still flush a hamster down the toilet when their kid doesn't want it anymore, even though it's alive. 

Teachers drown animals in classrooms to teach your children how to treat animals.

People brag on Facebook with pictures and videos about throwing cats, torturing dogs, hunting endangered species.

YouTubers make videos harming  defenseless animals and have millions of followers and make 6 figures a year doing heinous acts.

None of this would be possible if the majority of people didn't support it, enable it, and allow it.

There seems to be even less compassion than there ever was in our "progressive society".

Everyone has time to Like a Facebook post, but no one has time to fill out an online form on their mobile phone - which takes WAY less than 5 minutes cause I do this all the time - to write their City/State/Federal representative to protest animal cruelty, change laws to be tougher, fund that municipal shelter in need.

And every night before bed, I worry that nothing I'm doing will make any difference.

I do it anyway, because even if there's only 1 chance in a million it DOES make a difference, it's worth my time. Even if 1 animal is saved as a result of something I did or said, it's worth my time.

I still worry because I feel mostly alone in this, other than a few warriors that actively engage with me. But we're not a big enough number to combat the legions I've mentioned above, and I worry we are fighting a losing battle.

But I'll fight to the end anyway. And keep worrying. - Uniting the World to Adopt, Love, Give at their local animal shelter and rescue.