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Sometimes I Wake Up at 3am

Sometimes I waked up at 3am, from the churning in my brain - and my stomach - of everything that's going wrong that I can't fix, or can't afford to fix! 

  • I worry about being able to continue to afford veterinary care for the rescues and pets. 
  • I worry about getting really sick since I can't afford the monthly healthcare premiums and have no insurance. 
  • I worry about all the stray, lost and feral animals out in the cold, hungry and frightened. 
  • I worry about when I'm too old to live alone and they tell me I can't have a pet. 
  • I worry about all the pets left outside in the cold, ignored and neglected by their 2 legged family.
  • I worry because I have no pension and they keep raising the age at which I can get social security and telling me I'll only get a portion as there won't be enough left in the fund.
  • I worry about all the pets being abused, and if anyone will help them before it's too late.
  • I worry I'll end up like that poor elderly lady at the store, who's in her 80s and has to work a lousy minimum wage job on her feet all day, because she has no pension and no one to help her either. 
  • I worry I won't be able to work at that age even though I need to.
  • I worry I won't be able to help as many animals since it's getting harder and harder to make ends meet.
  • I worry about why shelters are still constantly full despite no kill, spay neuter, and  TNR. Are the same animals just being recycled through one shelter after another i.e. adopted from one, returned to another? Are there that many people who refuse to adopt from a shelter because they must have the social status of spending thousands at a breeder? 
  • I worry about the strays and wildlife in my neighborhood, which used to be treated kindly by the original residents, but the people moving here (mostly from other Cities within the State but some from other States) poison and shoot them (despite that being against the law here), and bully and threaten those of us don't agree with them. 

3am is tough time to think about all this, let alone beginning to solve it.

Friends are not awake, businesses are not open. Although, I discovered the Walgreens down the street is open 24 hours, and has interesting things to browse in the As Seen On TV product aisle.

I'm always happy to have pets, but 3am is one of those times I'm especially happy about having a life filled with 4 legged love. It's no longer safe enough where I live to take the the dogs for a walk at that time of night, so I turn on MeTV or Buzzr (I can't afford cable), and we have a paw-rty! 

Everyone is of course always happy to join me in a snack. The dogs usually want to sit on the bed or couch with me, watching the TV and sharing the Goldfish crackers (cheddar flavor). They of course are also carefully monitoring that one dog does not get 
more goldfish than the other, and that I don't get more than they do!

The cats always have their toys and posts out, but they have their favorite wand toys. One hand is managing snacks for the dogs (and me), and the other is waving the wand toy while assorted cats take turns leaping - and knocking the other cat out of the way 
so they can run off with the toy as their "prey".

I may not sleep, but it sure beats laying there in agonizing worry and dread. In the morning when it's time to get up for work I'm exhausted but I'm thankful my pets were there for me all night. I'm not even mad they get to sleep in while I have to resort to horrendous amounts of coffee and espresso to get through the day! 

Maybe this will be the day something good happens, and I won't have to worry so much anymore.

Lauren Greenwood, Founder of and Self Diagnosed Crazy Pet Lady

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