So Much To Do, So Little Time‚Äč

There are days it seems overwhelming. Like a To Do list that never seems to make progress, because for every item you check off, 3 more are added.

Trying to fix the problem of 9,000 animals being killed in U.S. shelters every day can make you feel like you're trying to boil the ocean. 

It can make you feel like no matter what you do, it won't really make any difference because the problem is so big.

Many times I have wished for the wealth of a Silicon Valley giant, or those fortunate enough to have simply inherited vast wealth via the luck of the birth lottery. Then, I would think, I would have the time, the money, and the staff to solve it.

But I can't wait for that to happen, and I'm too late for the birth lottery! And anyway, just like when Tolstoy walked through the poorest sections of town and gave away all his money, it did not solve the poverty nor did the poverty cease.

Money alone will not solve this problem, but people united can.

What then, must we do?

Look at the homeless animal directly in front of you. Show them mercy. Help them. When they are well, adopted, or with your comfort over the rainbow, focus on the next animal. 

"Rinse and repeat."

Set an example.
Don't talk about doing it, go do it.
Walk a shelter dog one hour a week. Tell people about it.
Pick up a bag of litter or a can of wet food when you're on your weekly grocery store run and drop it off at the shelter.

Post it on your Facebook so your friends are inspired by your example to do the same.

Educate your family and your friends. 
Offer to give a talk on responsible pet ownership - including spay/neuter - at your child's school, your church. 

Speak up.

Write your City or County Council, and ask them to ensure your local municipal shelter is fully funded to the 5 Freedoms level. Municipal shelters aren't in poor condition because they want to be; usually they are suffering - and in turn so are their animals - from a lack of funding from their municipality (tax dollars).

Ensure the next generation doesn't have our faults, nor our ignorance.

Person by person, relationship by relationship, unite others in the effort to solve what is a global problem. A problem that spans borders and all differences, because animals who need food, care, shelter, and love do not see those things - they see only a person giving them needed mercy and compassion.

Now go kiss a shelter pet and enjoy the feeling of unconditional love!