Boiling the Ocean: How DO you Save Them All?

‚Äč9,000 pets die every day due to no fault of their own - simply for being born, but not cared for over their lifetime. And that's just in USA shelters - increase that exponentially when you take it worldwide. 

Animals suffer at the hands of humans, not only in abuse, neglect and cruelty, but in places that suffer from economic disasters, physical disasters, wars, lack of education on the basic tenants of animal care, and lack of governmental support for animal welfare.

Save Them All can see like a pipe dream. Even trying to deconstrcut it into manageable parts seems impossible. Some organizations try to break it down into programs, like Spay Neuter, Feral Trap Neuter Return, Community Cat Management, ending breed restrictions, adopting not buying, ending puppy mills. 

Great - so now we're only boiling the sea not the ocean. It's still so large it actually creates a sense of apathy. People tend to feel there's no way to actually pull that off, so they give up. While this is not the right answer, its understandable. People need to feel that they are making progress and acheiving something; that things are changing; that this problem can and will be solved.

These delimas are why this Organization chose to interlock with people, rescues, and shelters worldwide not just locally. It will take all of us to solve it. And animals could care less about country borders and other divisions. They need our compassion and effort regardless. These delimas are also why our mission statement is Education + Awareness = Change. Educating on the issues - the problem, what shelters and rescues do, and how each person can help - to raise awareness and create change. We are asking people, worldwide, to change their behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs when it comes to homeless pets. It's not so much can you spare 10 cents, it's can you spare 10 minutes - to listen, to send an email, to drop off a bag off food.

We connect people to their local shelter, shelters to local rescues and other local shelters. We educate at service fairs and schools on humane treatment of companion animals. We help pet owners care for their 4 legged family. We connect people to other people involved in this effort. Because one connection at a time is how you boil the ocean. 

And while I personally hate many aspects of modern social media, to my delight I have found it actually has some value in this effort. How else could we have connected with shelters and the people who help them and homeless animals on the streets, in 18 other countries?  And we're not done connecting yet, because there are still homeless pets. 

We do what we do every day, to ensure that every person in every country knows how to help the animals, shelters, and rescues in their community. Because that is how you boil the ocean.