Vote Mr.Frisky in 2020 and

Unite the World to Adopt, Love, Give!

Mr.Frisky's Policies will include:

No more First Lady role. Instead it will be replaced by a Crazy Pet Lady!

Tough stance on animal abusers. Mr.Frisky will ensure animal abusers face severe financial penalties, jail time, and community service. Abusers will be put in a national database that all shelters and rescues can freely access to ensure they can't adopt again and harm another animal.

Mr.Frisky will end the wars & divert the
$2.4 TRILLION spent on wars to animal shelters in need of repairs, heating, air conditioning, water supply, additions to space to ensure all animals have the space and time to wait for a home, enough staff to care for the animals, veterinarians, medicines, supplies, and food.

You've heard of Medicare For All? Mr.Frisky will create Pet-i-care For All, taking the $2.4 TRILLION spent on wars to create FREE Veterinary Clinics for pets for those who cannot afford care&treatment.

Mr.Frisky will ask Congress and the IRS to create tax deductions for pet parents: Deducting the costs of veterinary care and medications, and adoption fees as well as pet sitter costs. This encourages adoptions and fosters especially of elderly and special needs cats & dogs and other animals.

Vote Mr.Frisky for 2020!