Fundraising Tips

       to raise money for your pet's medical care or a your local shelter

  • Have a garage sale; ask friends, family and co-workers to donate items to sell

  • Ask people to bring their empty bottles and cans and turn them into the recycling for cash


  • Post a request for donations on Facebook or use a crowdfunding site that doesn't charge you fees

  • Ask friends, family and your church to donate money directly to your account at the veterinary hospital if you have pet medical needs; you can also ask your place of work or church to hold a fundraiser for your local shelter or do a volunteer day to build a fence or other large effort a shelter needs a team of people to get done

  • Ask your Vet for a payment plan or barter including volunteering there cleaning, or answering phones to work off the fees.

  • CareCredit actually offers an interest free (for a limited time) offer on pet medical needs​


Short on Time? Here are some unique ways to help:

There are more ways to volunteer and donate than you might think (see our list below). And don't forget that volunteering even 1 hour a month can make a difference in a shelter animals life. So don't think that if you can't spare a whole day, it doesn't help or it's not worth it. One hour could make that ​animal feel better, get well, be better behaved, more socialized - all increasing that animals chances for adoption into a forever home. ​​

Grab a bag

The next time you're doing your grocery shopping grab a bag of litter, a bottle of soap, or a couple cans of food. Canned food is often used to give medicines or for sick or young/elderly animals; blankets, towels, hand sanitizer, laundry detergent, cleaning products (non-toxic!) and tools, paper towels, and cat litter are in constant and unending need at most shelters. Most shelters have a wish list posted on their website, and most have a drop-box so you can quickly drop it off even after hours.

Is a wrench your best friend?
Do you have a special skill like plumbing, carpentry, HVAC, or electrical work? Most shelters needs repairs but have trouble affording the repair bill! And those bills take away funds for food and medical care of the animals.

Attention Social Butterflies!
Hold a fundraising BBQ at your home, church, school or community organization. Hold a garage sale or a car wash with the proceeds going to the shelter. Auction donated items off on eBay to raise money for the shelter. Organize a group from your work, church, school or neighborhood to volunteer for a day at your local shelter - call them to see if they have any big projects coming up that need a lot of hands.

Can't adopt right now? Foster!

The length is usually 2-4 weeks (or less). Fostering not only helps socialize an animal for adoption, it creates valuable space in a shelter that allows them to take in more animals especially in an emergency situation. Also in a home, pets will meet people they may never encounter in a shelter – namely, your visiting friends and family, some of whom may be in need of a new BFF!