Dealing with Pet Diabetes

The leading cause of death for pets with diabetes is euthanasia, not the diabetes itself. This is due to lack of understanding on care needed.

Dogs and cats can develop diabetes. A leading cause is lack of protein in the diet. Cat food is notoriously high carb - the worst possible diet for felines.

Our video goes over diet, how to take blood sugar readings, give injections, deal with a hypoglycemia event, and other care tips.

A few other tips before you watch the video:

  • For dogs, if within 3 months the blood sugar is unable to regulate with insulin, ask your Vet for a Cushings test. 
  • For cats, Glargine has an over 50% remission rate; it's the best insulin for felines if its appropriate for your cat's situation - ask your Vet.
  • UTIs are common in pets with diabetes due to sugar in the urine. If you suddenly find the insulin is having less or little effect, get to the Vet for a urinalysis.
  • Uncontrolled high sugar levels in dogs and cats can cause ketoacidosis - an immediately life threatening situation where their blood becomes infused with high levels of ketones - creating a blood poisoning. Death will result in a matter of hours if the animal is not immediately hospitalized for treatment.