Creating a "Safe Room" or Recovery Room

If you have any type of spare room, you can set it up for Foster, Recovery, or slowly Merging a new Arrival quite easily. 

I set mine up with an interior screen door so I can see in and the animal recovering can see everyone and feel less isolated. 

  • Pine Frame Interior Screen Door, $19.95
  • Cabinet Door Handle, 2 hinges, and a latch - total less than $20.
  • Chicken wire - staple across the bottom half of the screening (from the inside looking out from the room) to ensure there are no "jail breaks" or break-in's by curious pets!) $8.97

I've used AMFs "Safe" room for new arrivals, sick cats that have to be isolated to avoid infecting others, and post surgery recovery rooms where the animals need to remain separated until sutures fully heal.

Depending on the situation, only place items in the room that can be disinfected with bleach upon no longer needing the area. For example, when Silver had Giardia (when I first rescued him from the streets), they Veterinarian said it could be transferred by grooming or litter in the pan, or "debris" left on toys or scratching posts. So I had to throw out the scratching post in there and  any non-washable toys once he was done. I threw out the litter and soaked the pans with bleach. The food and water bowls went in the dishwasher at high temperature wash.

Be sure to include lots of soft bedding on the floor because if they are sick or recovering, jumping up and down from a high bed is not ideal.