Who is Mr.Frisky?

Mr.Frisky was my first rescue. He was an approximately 1 year old homeless cat living on the streets who showed up one night with a poultry bone he was dragging, trying to chew anything off it he could to stay alive. I immediately took him in, got him veterinary care, neutering, microchip, and a throne (well he just had that kind of personality!). He lived to be almost 20 years old. This Organization and it's mission was founded and named in his honor.  

AskMrFrisky.Org's Mission

AskMrFrisky.org or AMF for short, is uniting the World to Adopt Love Give at their local animal shelter, rescue or sanctuary. AMF is on a Mission to find and list every animal shelter, rescue and sanctuary in the world and help them find more adopters, fosters, volunteers, donors! AMF also provides pet care and training information and advice for new pet parents who've adopted or who are fostering. AMFs worldwide directory of shelters, rescues and sanctuaries is now almost 600 listings in almost 60 countries - and still growing! AMF is the only Organization listing on a global level, and the only one not charging to do it. AMF believes the funds shelters, rescues and sanctuaries have should go to the care of the animals, not to paying for a listing. AMF also shares their needs on Twitter and Facebook for free to help them find more adopters, fosters, volunteers, and donors.

Please Follow AMF to help us help more animal shelters, rescues, and sanctuaries around the world. You can find us at:

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You can support our work by purchasing our Rescue Tails e-book for only $10, to help us continue to help animals globally, and the veterinary care of our senior and special needs cats and dogs. See Inside the book and learn how to purchase.

AMFs Founder

Lauren Greenwood, founder of AskMrFrisky.org, has volunteered for animal shelters and rescues for many years, cleaning, walking, loving, Vet Tech’ing, creating and running volunteer programs, speaking at schools, civic fairs, radio and TV programs on humane treatment of pets and wildlife.

Lauren also runs her own rescue, focused on senior special needs animals. At any given time, has an assortment of cats and dogs and thankfully, a team of very supportive Veterinarians!​​​