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Meet ourAdorable Adoptables,
​bonded pair Paddy and Linus!

May 19th: Mr.Frisky welcomes the 44th Country - Syria, and 3 more U.S. shelters and rescues, to our worldwide Adopt Love Give Directory! Let us know if your local shelter or rescue is not listed - its FREE to list. We never have and never will charge shelters and rescues to be listed.​​​​

May 7th - Check out our favorite safety collars for dogs and cats!

April 26th: Mr.Frisky says please note these common household pet toxins & ensure they are where your cats, dogs and any other pets can't get at them - some smell good to them and they'll eat. Pet Poison Control 24hrHotline 888-426-4435 or your local Veterinary ER hospital

Here's a picture of ​Mr.Frisky's Adorable Adoptables Paddy and Linus! DM us on Twitter, Message us on Facebook, or email us at MrFrisky@AskMrFrisky.com to adopt!​​​​​

​​Piddie Pat is a blind cat who needs a second chance at love after her owner had to go into a nursing home.

Piddie Pat - like all cats - knows where her litter box is, and bed. Blind cats are just like any other cat - they love to play, give love, and be loved. Just keep her food, water, bed and litter in the same place, and ensure she is indoor only or any outdoor area is completely enclosed so she can't get lost! See Mr.Frisky's tips on caring for a blind pet for more information.

Piddie Pat gets nervous around other cats; around dogs is unknown, so she may do best in a home where she is your one and only true love and BFF!

Call Spaymart at 504-454-8200 or email

info@spaymart.org or lcschlei@gmail.com 

to setup a meet and greet with Piddie Pat today!

Join us in Uniting the World to Adopt, Love, Give at your local animal shelter or rescue.

​Mr.Frisky's Adoptable Shelter Pet Spotlight is on Piddie Pat at Spaymart.Org in Louisianna!​